Welcome To The 

Maximum Impact Mentoring Academy

Welcome to the Maximum Impact Mentoring Program

Every week  for the next 8 weeks you'll receive a new lesson from me. 

There will be a lot of information within each lesson, some stuff you may already know - most you probably won't. 

What I'll be doing is taking you from a basic start point, to building a framework to make maximum impact in life by creating your ideal lifestyle with Multiple business's online and offline while positioning you as an expert that is healthy and fit prospering in relationships creating a legacy

Every week with each module you will receive 

  • Lesson for the week - video lessons and write up
  • Training and learning Resource to fast track your progress
  • Unadvertised Bonus - Every week you will have access to two private label books  these are books written by ghost writers which you can use as a template for you to edit, rewrite, publish and sell, keeping 100% of the profit 

  • Please find below Your Welcome Pack and bonuses as promised for signing up for the Mentoring Program

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