Making Maximum Impact - Visualization Power

With the release of “The Secret”, there has been a lot of hype around the topic of visualization. Now many people are aware of the power of visualization and how it can positively or negatively impact the results you experience in your life.

Visualization has been a practice used by many people for years. Olympic athletes are trained in the art of visualization as a means of gaining a competitive advantage in their chosen sport. Unfortunately, In my own opinion the way "The Secret" portrayed the idea of visualization gave people a skewed perspective of how visualization actually works. Too many people assumed that the simple act of thinking about something would automatically cause it to become reality. As any logical thinking person would agree, this is usually not always the case.

The true power of visualization comes from the fact that we all have access to creative thoughts.
We can create a new idea in our mind  through the simple act of visualization. Using the power of action, we can take an idea that exists in our mind and bring it into reality. The process to do so varies depending on the idea you have conceived. The point is that all creation starts in the mind and it is up to the originator of that idea to see the result through to completion. 

The more I have studied the connection between mental and physical reality, the more I have become fascinated by the topic of visualization. A simple example is, you can take a room in your home, visualize an entirely new arrangement and then go to work on bringing your vision into reality. A few hours later, there you have your visualized image into reality. OK so it’s not the most exciting example in the world but that same process can be applied to anything. And to me, that IS exciting.
I have visualized myself doing some amazing things in my lifetime. Some of these things have already come to pass while many of my larger visions still elude me. The fact that our vision of the goal creates the potential for it to really happen is something for every person to get excited about.

Someone visualized humans flying through the sky. People laughed. Now we have been doing it for over a century using the airplane !
Someone visualized sending sound through the air and being able to hear the sound in a remote location. People laughed. Now we have 1000s of radio stations
Someone visualized two people having a conversation across the world with no wires. People laughed. Now we have Skype and whatsapp calls.
I know the power of visualization and I continue to leverage it as a success habit in my life.

Article by Bibi Apampa  - A  High Performance Coach at  Empowering you to Become Healthy Wealthy and Wise